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Our Customer Testimonials

A selection of testimonials of companies who have used our services.


London Drywall Ltd

London Drywall Ltd

"I can sit back and relax about vending when using They offer the complete service and when I need my coffee fix the machine is always ready for action. I do not need to get involved with cleaning or storing products for the machine as they do all this for me. Its hassle free vending."

JC, Managing Director, London Drywall Ltd


Red Bull

Red Bull

"We chose as our supplier as from the very first meeting they were keen to work with us to find exactly the right fit for our vending requirements. We needed fast service, reliable working machines, friendly and speedy communication and most of all great tasting coffee. have delivered on all of these and our people are delighted by both the products and service"

David, Procurement, Red Bull


Why choose Quench?

Here at Quench we are with you every step of the way...


  • Brand your equipment
    Company logo/colours
  • Machine housing
  • Create your own coffee shop environment


  • Free installation
  • Stocking and cleaning
  • Service and maintenance


  • Preventative maintenance
  • Fast response times
  • Personal account management

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